Complex Equations Released!

12 06 2010

Complex Equations, the sequel to Isosceles Triangle, was released today at Cobblestone Press!

I’m very excited about this story. When I wrote Isosceles Triangle three years ago (has it been that long?), I always pictured a sequel to answer the question: whatever happened to those clones??

Well, the world is more complicated, and the clones are everywhere! Useful, sexy and indispensable, you can have one created just for you, tailored specifically to your needs. But Ally doesn’t want a clone–she wants a flesh and blood human man to love her. Or does she?

And what is the IC corporation up to anyway? Their clones are used in industry, the military…they’re everywhere. Strong, intelligent…it’s almost like they could take over.

To read an excerpt to this sexy scifi, go here!


Boning Up Review 4.25 from Bookwenches

4 04 2010

Title: Boning Up
Author: Summer Alan
Author’s website:
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc.
Release Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60310-379-9
Length: Short Story
Format: Electronic
Genre: Romance
Source: P
Sensuality Level: 3
Rating: 4.25

Reviewed by: Teagan S. Boyd

Carly Neal is furious that she has just been made part of a wager without her approval. Yet she does need to pass her Human Anatomy exam in order to graduate, and one dumb-ass professor isn’t going to get in her way. The wager between Brock Larson and the professor that Brock can tutor Carly and she will get A’s on both the remaining test doesn’t sit well with Carly. No matter how angry it makes her to be treated like this, she quickly realizes that Brock might be her best bet to obtain the A’s she needs. And it doesn’t hurt that Brock is easy on the eyes. A night after hours in the college library has Carly learning anatomy in one very delicious way.


Boning Up is a delightful romp and a quick sexy read. The story quickly develops the conflict, then proceeds to work on the rambunctiously sexy side of the story. It held my interest, and I found myself wishing for a bit more, though I must say that Ms. Alan does a fine job of telling a very entertaining tale in a few short pages.

I especially enjoyed Brock’s initial view of Carly. He sees the outside package and assumes many things about her only to be proven wrong . . . the wrapping on the package isn’t always an indication of what lies inside. For a short story, many emotions are encountered.

Carly is fun and easy to identify with. I found her outlook on things realistic. All it takes is a little inventiveness to get her scholastically motivated.

Boning Up is a fun book that will keep the reader interested with a smile on their face. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Alan.

Boning Up Receives 4 Cherries!

9 02 2010

Received Wonderful Review from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews!

I only had one problem with Summer Alan’s delectable erotic short story, Boning Up, it was that it made me consider returning to college to find my own Anatomy tutor!

Boning Up is a delightful and super steamy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Carly is fantastic as the feisty student that’s had just about all she can stand of her snotty professor. She’ll make you grin, chuckle, and shake your head.

Then there is Brock, the oh-so yummy upper classmen who places a bet with the professor that will yield him a note of recommendation if he can help Carly ace her final two exams. The books come out, the sparks fly, and romance blooms. Not bad at all for the length of the story. You get a little of everything, including a little feel up for the sake of learning, and some forbidden sex inside the school library. Need I say more?

Something that’s fun and fast to read, but will make you wriggle and squirm in your seat, be sure to check out Boning Up.

Thanks Fern!


1 02 2010

My newest story is now available at Red Sage!

Carly Neal stares at the big red “F” on her college Human Anatomy exam in Professor Harold’s course. There’s another test tomorrow, and if she doesn’t do something drastic, she’ll fail again. Brock Larson needs something from the professor too—a recommendation to an internship at the Mayo Clinic. He’d rather ask just about anyone else, but the professor’s name on his submission will seal his future. The professor doesn’t care about helping either of them until Brock proposes a wager. If he can teach Carly enough human anatomy in the next two days to ace the exams, he’s obviously the best man for the job and deserves the recommendation. Although hesitant to be used as a bargaining chip, Carly reasons that studying with this man might be her only chance to pass the class. But Brock might have in mind a very different curriculum for her summer sessions!

Carly is the kind of college student I was—hard working and kind of smart but nowhere near brilliant. Science classes were not my long suit. Well, sometimes a girl has to find new and creative ways to learn difficult concepts. When I sat down to write Summer Sessions, I imagined a more fun way to learn human anatomy… the sort of tutoring that included more than the textbook. In this book, Carly and Brock come up with a method that probably won’t make it into any college in this country but would certainly prove interesting and probably blow away the bell curve of grade point averages. Enjoy!

Boning Up Reviewed! 4 Angels!

30 01 2010
Carly Neal is a good student at college, but she keeps on doing badly at her Human Anatomy class. She’s not prepared to quit over this, but when she asks the professor for help, he declares her a ‘train wreck’ and refuses to offer assistance. But then one of the professor’s former students, Brock Larson, proposes a deal-if he can tutor Carly to two perfect A grades on her tests, the professor must agree to write him a glowing reference for the job Brock’s set his heart on.

Carly is furious at being treated like a thing for barter, but when Brock apologises and says his offer is genuine, she decides to give him a chance. They start their study session in the library, and soon they realise that everyone’s gone home and they’re locked in. Carly still can’t remember all the bones in the human body, so Brock helps her memorise them in a most inventive way. The next day Carly is delighted with her test score, but when the professor wants to talk about jobs with Brock, she feels like she’s been used. Can Brock convince her that their connection is real, and will Carly be able to ace that second test and save her degree?

What a fun, sizzling and emotional rollercoaster of a read this is! Boning Up made me mad at the creepy, smug professor as much as it made me cheer for Carly’s dogged determination and Brock’s clever ideas of how to get her to remember her studies. The romance is perhaps a little too quick, but this is a couple I really felt for and who go through quite a lot to reach their happy ending. A thoroughly entertaining read.

Reviewed by: Maija

Story to be released February 1st at Red Sage

Boning Up coming from Red Sage

27 08 2009 have a new story coming out soon called Boning Up. Just got the cover art! Very pretty!

WOW!!! Storm Saturday Night Cover!

31 01 2009

Oh, that is just gorgeous!!!