"Top Marks Across the Board!" – Euro Review for Bone Deep

12 12 2007

Title: Bone Deep
Author: Summer Alan
Rating: “Excellent!”
Heat Rating: (BDSM) “Extreme!”
Reviewer: Melisa

One minute Hailey Rockwell’s life is sunny and great. She’s a stewardess and her boyfriend is a pilot. Then her boyfriend, David, tells her he ‘needs time to think’ and leaves her raw and vulnerable. She gets soaked by the rain and if things couldn’t get worse -her new expensive bag she bought lands in a mud puddle right in front of her. It’s David’s best friend and co-pilot, Kevin that comes to her rescue.

He uses his suit jacket to clean her bag, destroying his jacket in the process. While she is stunned still, he acts as if it isn’t a big deal. A ‘thank-you’ kiss turns into much, much more.

Even though David dumped her, she doesn’t feel right using Kevin. But Kevin has a secret of his own. He’s wanted Hailey from the moment he set eyes on her and while David asked him to distract her while he goes and has a fling behind Hailey’s back, Kevin isn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by.

Kevin is torn in different directions. He wants Hailey, but he doesn’t understand how she could have a relationship with David, knowing he’s married. But the plot thickens and Kevin can only hope that when he tells Hailey the truth that she’ll see how much he truly loves her and not tell him to go take a flying leap.

I liked Kevin when he cleaned Hailey’s bag off at the loss of his jacket. I loved him at the first kiss. That man is HOT! Sex appeal like that makes a woman melt, weather it’s done to her-or she reads it. And he’s health conscious too. Top marks across the board. I just wish it had been longer. You hate for the good ones like this to end.

Title: Bone Deep
Author: Summer Alan
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: n/a
ISBN: 978-1-60088-196-1
Pages: 80
Rating: “Excellent!”
Heat Rating: (BDSM) “Extreme!”
Reviewer: Melisa




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