Two Men and a Truck…er…or something else

10 05 2008

Yes, Two Men and a Truck is actually a registered trademark…so that WON’T be the title of my new story coming out with Cobblestone! LOL

The problem came in with this: Avoid giving the appearance that the trademark owner and author/publisher are associates of one another. Permission is not needed to use brand names in fiction as long as the use expressly refers to the trademark owner and the reader will not be confused about whether the use is one of sponsorship or endorsement. Incidental use of trademark should fall under the category of “nominative fair use”.

The publisher contacted me and let me know that it would have to be changed, and I got to thinking, maybe that would give them MORE promo if women thought that when two men showed up, something other than moving furniture might take place…  “two men will show up and have sex with me???” <dialing>

Unfortunately, that might just confuse others about “the endorsement.” LOL

Needless to say, I’ll be changing the title. 🙂  The question is “change it to what?” Possibles at the moment include “Risque Moves”, “Boxed In”, “Heavy Lifters”, “Risque Maneuvers”, and “Twice the Muscle.” Unless someone comes up with something better. I’m running out of ideas…

Meanwhile, I got my editor assignment and am waiting for the first round of edits. Can’t wait to get going on it!




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