Isosceles Triangle Sequel “Complex Equations”

29 05 2008

I’ve written and submitted the sequel of Isosceles Triangle, which I’ve titled Complex Equations. Cobblestone has it in their hot little hands…keep your fingers crossed they like it.

The blurb:

Fifteen years have passed since David McAllister invented the first cyborg clone, Adam, and Isosceles Cyborgs has since become a household name. Cyborgs are used in the military, private industry and as companions for human beings. For Ally Rogers, though, the possibility of settling for a machine instead of a human man is out of the question. Even when her love life is non-existent and her best friend, Lauren, tells her that her husband of six years is not what she thinks, she will not change her mind.


Lauren, frustrated with Ally and her prudish ways decides to put her objections to the test. She calls IC, and they send Jasper and Drew to Ally’s house to show her what they do best: convince her of their usefulness. Will Ally find love the old fashioned way or follow the wave of the future?




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