Early Morning Reader Review

9 06 2008

Got an instant message this morning from a buddy, Dee Carney, after she read Isosceles Triangle.


Dee Carney: holy crappola lady!

Summer Alan: you liked it huh?

Dee Carney: omg, yes!

Dee Carney: that was fabulous!

Summer Alan: when my mom read it, I asked her what she thought

Summer Alan: she goes

Summer Alan: “other than needing a cigarette?” (she doesn’t smoke)

Dee Carney: LOL

Dee Carney: that was smokin’

Summer Alan: thanks gal

Summer Alan: i just wrote the sequel and subbed it

Dee Carney: alright!

Summer Alan: first sequel ever

Dee Carney: shannon’s influence, i bet

Summer Alan: hopefully it will live up to the original.

Summer Alan: thanks for the great “pull quote”

Dee Carney: my pleasure!

Dee Carney: although it cracks me up that you want to use it!

Summer Alan: hey, what better response is there?


The actual note from her was:

I just finished reading Isosceles Triangle. HOLY F***! (and that’s a good thing!) –Dee




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