L. Shannon and Moira Reid – Steel City Vampires

16 06 2008

Welcome Home by L. Shannon and Moira ReidL. Shannon and Moira Reid have written two of the Vampire Oracle books for Cobblestone Press.

L. Shannon’s is LOVE and will be released the first week of August.

Moira Reid’s is SUNLIGHT and will be released the first week of September.

They have written a companion book, WELCOME HOME, that features both heroes from their Oracle books and it will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD soon! (They’ve promised to keep me updated because I get to give away copies, too! I have written about another vampire hero in the “Steel City Vampires” series named Pagan. His book has not been accepted for publication yet, but I have high hopes. I’ll keep you posted on that, too!)

Excerpt from Welcome Home

Kalib spun around to face his living nightmare. “What the hell are you doing to her?”


David gazed at his fingernails. “Exactly what I said I would do if you tried to run from me again. I told you to remember France. This is me helping you remember it.”


“She has nothing to do with us. Release her, David.”


“You will beg, or she will die. Those are your options.” He smiled, the evil beauty of his face horrifying to behold. “Don’t wait too long. The subsonic will kick in soon, and the precious little mind I sense you so blindingly admire in her will melt like vanilla ice cream in July.”


David was many things: a selfish, self-absorbed vampire and a murderer, but he was not a liar. She would be dead within minutes if he did nothing to stop him.


“Beg for what, David?”


“You know what,” he said. “Don’t waste precious time with stupid questions. You always did think you could barter for more time. This is all the time we have for her tonight. Beg me to live here with you, and I won’t kill her. Waste any more of my time, and well, I hope the ground is soft outside. I hate manual labor, and digging graves is hard work.”


 There was no other choice. David would kill her. Even if he had a stake for David’s heart, he couldn’t use it in time to save her. He hung his head. No matter what else David was, he was still his progeny, and he could not destroy him even with all the time in the world. He hung his head and pulled her body tighter into his arms.


“That’s right, Kalib. We will be together forever. You know it, and I know it. One day you’ll understand and know the truth: no one will ever love you as I. None other than I. Now.” He closed the distance between them instantly. “Beg me.”


“David.” He choked out the words between clenched teeth. “Live here with me, and release her.”


–copyright 2008, L. Shannon and Moira Reid





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