Chatting with Bree of Moira Rogers Fame on new book

23 06 2008

When I’d originally written Two Men and a Truck, I didn’t realize the problems with trademark I might have. Fortunately, the editor did and I’ve changed it since submitting the story. Meanwhile, a few of my writer friends have been giving me a hard time about it. Bree of Moira Rogers fame, for example.



breecita: omg, the blog reminds me…

breecita: I just had to e-mail Two Men & a Truck for an estimate.  LOL

breecita: I laughed THE WHOLE TIME

Summer Alan: LMAO

Summer Alan: estimate: 6′ 2″, 189 pounds…

breecita: hahaha! “$90/hour?  That’s downright affordable!”

breecita: for some HOT STUDLY MOVIN’ ACTION

Summer Alan: shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours, 2-3 guys…yeah, that’ll work! Let’s schedule a “move”.

breecita: hahaha. paaaahty

breecita: I think I’ll have to go with someone else if we move…I’d laugh at them THE WHOLE TIME

Summer Alan: i had to change the title of course, but i’m telling ya. that could UP BUSINESS


It’s a tough life being a writer…so many things to consider. LOL




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