We Can Move You – Excerpt

30 06 2008

Previously of Two Men and a Truck fame, WE CAN MOVE YOU is moving through the editing process. Here’s an unedited excerpt for your viewing enjoyment…


We Can Move You. When can we help?”


“I want to move out today. Can you be over here in the next 15 minutes?”


The man chuckled, the sound deep and resonant. “Sure, I guess we can. Where’s the fire?”


She quickly gave him the address. “I don’t want to wait another minute. Will you come right now?”


“Sure thing, ma’am. Alec, fire up the racecar! We’ve got an emergency!”


“This is not a joke,” she said, tossing the phone book onto the coffee table. “Are you making fun of me?”


“No, ma’am, I’m not. We’ll be there within 15 minutes. What’s your name?”


“Josie McDonald.” She hung up the phone without waiting for him to say another word. What else was there to say? Let them fire up whatever truck or race car or even horse and buggy they could find, as long as they got here immediately and got this junk packed up and out.


Not twelve minutes later according to her wristwatch, she stared between the open curtains of the front window and saw a large paneled truck pull into the parking lot. Two men climbed out, and she was suddenly glad she was alone. Her audible gasp would have scared anyone else in the room.


Where in the world had those two gorgeous guys come from? Oh man, and they’re coming in here! She spun on her heel and looked around at the incredible mess in the living room. A stack of newspapers was spread across the coffee table, shoes and pantyhose were lying on the floor, books were scattered around the room… the place was a catastrophe.


She ran around the room picking up items and shoving them out of sight, carrying items back and forth to throw into closets and hide under furniture. It’s ridiculous to clean up for moving men her logical mind insisted, but her body kept moving.


A knocking sound startled her, and she spun back to see both men in front of the window watching her. The dark-haired one was very tall, his broad shoulders spanning a full window pane as he stood with his arms folded over his chest. He smiled at her, his white teeth gleaming, his eyes hidden behind a pair of dark, wraparound sunglasses. The second was only slightly shorter but almost as broad through the shoulders. His sandy blond hair hung into his eyes as he shielded them with one enormous hand against the window’s glare.


Oh, God, how beautiful were they? She quickly examined their ring fingers; not a wedding band in sight.


Her logical mind once more tried to assert reason. That means nothing–remember your most recent catastrophe? Men are scum!


 She did remember, but her body didn’t seem to care. Her flesh tingled as if the blood that had stopped cold in her veins this afternoon had once more begun to flow. As the taller one lifted his glasses and stared at her behind impossibly long eyelashes, the memory of today’s debacle backed farther into the early evening light. The shorter one rapped on the window again.


“You gonna let us in?”


–copyright 2008, Summer Alan




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