We Can Move You comes out Friday!

21 08 2008
Hi! I wanted to let you know the good news! My new menage kinky story, We Can Move You, comes out Friday, August 22nd with Cobblestone Press! Yes, that’s tomorrow! Yay!

I hope you’ll stop by the Cobblestone Press chat tomorrow night, Friday at 8 p.m. EST.  The chat room address is: http://cobblestone-press.com/chat.htm
I’ll be giving away a free copy of the book there, so stop by if you can!

Josie has been burned in love, humiliated and forced to quit her job. She’s ready to run away–only thing left to do is call the movers and get the hell out. That’s the plan. Until they show up.  The plan needs to change. Alec and Ethan are the two sexiest men she’s ever seen, and aside from being sweet and gorgeous, they want her–right here, right now. Why move? Why not be moved instead, in every way imaginable?


“I have a strong suspicion,” Ethan said, his gaze brushing over her naked body in obvious approval, “that our slave is not focused on her job. Do you understand your job, slave?”

Josie nodded, realizing that she had let her mind wander away. Would this earn her additional punishment? The possibility thrilled her.

“I require your answers out loud when I question you. Now, do you understand your job?”

“Yes, Master,” she said dutifully, the words rolling over her in waves of heat.

“And that job is?”

She thought for a moment then nodded. “To please you in whatever way you require, Masters.” There, that should make them happy.

“Good. Now it’s time for that punishment.” 

copyright 2008, Summer Alan

Buy Link (begins on Friday afternoon): http://cobblestone-press.com/





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