Sixteen drawings, sixteen chances to win!

3 10 2008

Like the paranormal? Things that go bump in the night? So do we! Help us celebrate Halloween by entering a contest to Get Spooked this Halloween with one of sixteen paranormal titles.

Sixteen drawings, sixteen chances to win! The check boxes are to keep you from winning a book you already have. Simply fill out the form and select which drawings you’d like to be entered in–the more you select, the better your chances of winning! You can also opt to get updates from our thirteen authors, who want to tell you when they have new books, freebies and contests.

Winners will selected on October 30th and notified on Halloween. So take a look at the fabulous books offered and get in on your chance to win!

And thanks to Selena Blake, Leila Brown, Dee Carney, Mina Carter, Eliza Gayle, Sable Grey, Cassandra Moore, Moira Rogers, Ericka Scott, L. Shannon, Moira Rogers, Moira Reid and Jamieson Wolf for joining me in this exciting contest!





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