Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover Artist

11 11 2008

Some of you may be aware that Bree (of Moira Rogers fame) moonlights as a cover artist for Cobblestone Press.


She’s running a contest, and one of my covers is in it!!! This from her site:


Creating covers is always interesting, but it can be doubly fun when you’re doing it for friends…or yourself! After all, I still have to impress Donna when I come up with a cover design, and that isn’t always easy. (We haven’t made it this far by sugarcoating our opinions of things…and Donna will shoot down a cover as fast as she will a questionable plot point!)


Tess Harrison, Leila Brown and Summer Alan are a trio of talented ladies who I chat with often, which made designing covers for them even more enjoyable–and nerve-wracking. I was thrilled when they agreed to throw in a copy of each of their books for this contest. The fourth book is one of ours, the only book of ours I’ve designed a cover for.


So here you are… four books that I designed the cover for. I can only hope I did them all justice. If you enter to win…maybe you can find out! If you’d like to see any of the covers in a larger version, you can click on the thumbnail! And many thanks to Tess Harrison, Summer Alan and Leila Brown.

Go here to enter the contest and win free books!





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