Boning Up Reviewed! 4 Angels!

30 01 2010
Carly Neal is a good student at college, but she keeps on doing badly at her Human Anatomy class. She’s not prepared to quit over this, but when she asks the professor for help, he declares her a ‘train wreck’ and refuses to offer assistance. But then one of the professor’s former students, Brock Larson, proposes a deal-if he can tutor Carly to two perfect A grades on her tests, the professor must agree to write him a glowing reference for the job Brock’s set his heart on.

Carly is furious at being treated like a thing for barter, but when Brock apologises and says his offer is genuine, she decides to give him a chance. They start their study session in the library, and soon they realise that everyone’s gone home and they’re locked in. Carly still can’t remember all the bones in the human body, so Brock helps her memorise them in a most inventive way. The next day Carly is delighted with her test score, but when the professor wants to talk about jobs with Brock, she feels like she’s been used. Can Brock convince her that their connection is real, and will Carly be able to ace that second test and save her degree?

What a fun, sizzling and emotional rollercoaster of a read this is! Boning Up made me mad at the creepy, smug professor as much as it made me cheer for Carly’s dogged determination and Brock’s clever ideas of how to get her to remember her studies. The romance is perhaps a little too quick, but this is a couple I really felt for and who go through quite a lot to reach their happy ending. A thoroughly entertaining read.

Reviewed by: Maija

Story to be released February 1st at Red Sage



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