Bone Deep

Bone Deep


Joyfully Reviewed

Hailey is a flight attendant who was just dumped by her pilot boyfriend.  Heartbroken and standing in the rain, who comes to her rescue but his best friend Kevin. 

Kevin has had the hots for Hailey from the time he met her.  She might me newly single but he’s making his move.  Can he survive the rebound curse and build something lasting with Hailey after one night of passion?

Bone Deep is a typical story of a girl falling for the sweet lies of a no-good man. I was not bored for a second!  When the right man came along Hailey more than made up for wasted time and with a little kink too.  Summer Alan has a winner, I really enjoyed Bone Deep. –Reviewed by Zayn

My Book Cravings


“Flight attendant Hailey Rockwell has just been dumped by her pilot boyfriend, David. He’s decided that he ‘needs a little time’ away to consider where their relationship is going. The problem is that the jerk really just wants to move on to another woman, and he tells his best friend an enormous lie to keep Hailey off his back. Hailey thought they were together for the long haul and had even started to think about marriage. Imagine her surprise when she finds out nearly everyone at work knew she was being dumped before she did.


Kevin believes his best friend when he’s told that Hailey is threatening to expose their affair to his wife. So he agrees to entice her away and make her forget all about David and how much she cares for him. When he sees her leave the airport terminal, he follows her out into the rain and comes to her rescue during a time when she’s feeling alone, miserable and vulnerable.


Ms. Alan has constructed a well written tale of the emotional upheaval a young woman experiences when her hopes and dreams are unexpectedly destroyed. The sex between Hailey and Kevin is intense and passionate, and David, her ex-boyfriend is definitely a jerk that you love to hate. Her descriptions of Hailey fragile emotional state was well done and vivid, leaving me little doubt to the extent of the pain she was experiencing. Kevin’s uncertainty of his feeling toward Hailey are equally well done, but his trust in the lying, conniving jerk he called his best friend left me with an unpleasant taste in my mouth. After all he was well aware that David had been having multiple affairs behind his wife’s back, so why’d be believe what he said about Hailey in the first place, I don’t understand. And why would she still want to go back to man who’d hurt her so badly. I think that if the story had been a little longer so that I could have gotten a better idea of what motivated the characters to act the way they did, I would have enjoyed it more.” –Pam



Fallen Angel Reviews, 5 ANGELS


“I think we need time apart”, is what Hailey has been told by her boyfriend David. Fresh off a flight and standing in the Seattle rain, things have never looked more grim for Hailey. Then David’s best friend Kevin pulls her into one very sexy kiss. Kevin seems just the answer for all her problems. Though things are not always what they seem. Things really heat up, and Hailey and Kevin find bliss in each others arms…then David returns to stake his claim. Can Hailey realize the kind of man David is before she makes the biggest mistake of her life?


I was immediately drawn into Bone Deep by the emotional beginning. The sweetly sensual kiss shared by Kevin and Hailey in the rain had me anticipating a very interesting story, and Ms. Alan did not disappoint. The interaction and sexual chemistry between them made for one hot story. I enjoyed the spicy side to life Kevin introduces her to. The sex scenes had me fanning myself and quickly turning the page to see what came next. Ms. Alan added in just the right amount of personal drama to make the reader root for a great outcome. I am eager to read more by this talented author.


Reviewed by: Dawnie, Fallen Angels Reviews

review link:



 Ecataromance 4 Stars!


“Ms. Alan has created an emotion packed tale in Bone Deep. As a reader, I could completely sympathize with Hailey over the way David treated her as he ended their relationship, yet strung her along enough to hope for a reconciliation. I did find it hard to understand Hailey’s devotion to him, especially as her relationship with Kevin begins to grow…yet this is often true with love and breakups, right? Kevin is the kind of man every woman dreams of (sexy, smart, and caring) and hopes to find but his blind trust in his friend irritated me. Kevin didn’t trust in his own feelings concerning Hailey and puts their fragile relationship in a hard position. It’s only when these two are truly honest with themselves and each other that they are able to discover what they truly want. Anyone who loves realistic characters, intense feelings and scorching sexual encounters, won’t want to miss Bone Deep.” –Trang Black, reviewer

Bone Deep by Summer Alan

Genre: contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60088-196-1

Page Count: 80

Price: $$4.99

Reviewer: Trang

Sensuality Rating: Sensuous

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author’s Website:

Read the review here:


Euroreviews: Extreme!


Title: Bone Deep

Author: Summer Alan

Rating: “Excellent!”

Heat Rating: (BDSM) “Extreme!”

Reviewer: Melisa


One minute Hailey Rockwell’s life is sunny and great. She’s a stewardess and her boyfriend is a pilot. Then her boyfriend, David, tells her he ‘needs time to think’ and leaves her raw and vulnerable. She gets soaked by the rain and if things couldn’t get worse -her new expensive bag she bought lands in a mud puddle right in front of her. It’s David’s best friend and co-pilot, Kevin that comes to her rescue. He uses his suit jacket to clean her bag, destroying his jacket in the process. While she is stunned still, he acts as if it isn’t a big deal. A ‘thank-you’ kiss turns into much, much more.


Even though David dumped her, she doesn’t feel right using Kevin. But Kevin has a secret of his own. He’s wanted Hailey from the moment he set eyes on her and while David asked him to distract her while he goes and has a fling behind Hailey’s back, Kevin isn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by.


Kevin is torn in different directions. He wants Hailey, but he doesn’t understand how she could have a relationship with David, knowing he’s married. But the plot thickens and Kevin can only hope that when he tells Hailey the truth that she’ll see how much he truly loves her and not tell him to go take a flying leap.


I liked Kevin when he cleaned Hailey’s bag off at the loss of his jacket. I loved him at the first kiss. That man is HOT! Sex appeal like that makes a woman melt, weather it’s done to her-or she reads it. And he’s health conscious too. Top marks across the board. I just wish it had been longer. You hate for the good ones like this to end.


Title: Bone Deep

Author: Summer Alan

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Genre: Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60088-196-1

Pages: 80

Rating: “Excellent!”

Heat Rating: (BDSM) “Extreme!”

Reviewer: Melisa


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