One Wild Night

Six months was too long to pine over a jerk like Richard. Ava would stop the madness tonight by meeting an eligible, sexy man at the party come hell or Halloween. She had the costume, the hair and the attitude. All she had to do was get there.
The forces of nature and Goodyear must not have liked this plan. In a desolate nowhere amidst a torrential rainstorm, her tire blew out. This night like so many others was a bust…or was it?
From the dark, wet distance, a six-foot tall solution wearing black leather and riding a kick-ass bike arrives. He can change a tire, and he doesn’t mind the rain. He even likes her costume…as long as he can tear it off.


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Ava’s determined to move on with her life and tonight’s Halloween party is the first step.  Her ex-boyfriend’s comments have left her doubting her own worth and she’s out to prove that she is desirable.  Dressed as a sexy sailor and with directions scribbled on a post-it note she heads out in the pouring rain to attend the party.  With the pep talk she’s already given herself she’s definitely ready to find herself a sexy man to help excise the memory of Richard’s abuse.


While trying to decipher the chicken scratch written by her friend on the post-it note Ava’s maneuvering down the deserted road when her car hits a puddle and hydroplanes.  Ava successfully gets the car under control but blows a tire and then her imagination goes wild.  She finally decides to brave the rain but it’s not without a great deal of trepidation.  The evening is completely ruined!


Soaking wet and frustrated she’s thrilled when she notices there is a vehicle heading her way but in no way is she prepared for the hulking man who she hopes will be willing to change her tire and not some mass murderer.  Once he removes his helmet she becomes tongue-tied and begins thinking that the evening isn’t such a loss after all. 


Pagan doesn’t mind changing the tire for Ava.  After all it means he can delay meeting the blind date his buddies Dillon and Johnathan have arranged.  If he wanted a mate he could find a woman on his own.  He certainly doesn’t need anyone’s help.  The last thing he expected though was to meet the woman who brings out all his possessive instincts and has him throbbing to claim her as his own.  There’s just the little issue of her obvious fear – is she afraid of him or is there something more going on?


ONE WILD NIGHT is the fourth story in the STEEL CITY VAMPIRES series.  Summer Alan adds her own lighthearted signature to these sexy vampires and treats readers to a humorous and touching side to Pagan that we hadn’t yet seen in the other stories in the series.  Ava’s overactive imagination kept me chuckling since she doesn’t seem sure if she’s more turned on or petrified and her vulnerability is endearing.  Pagan is a bad boy with a soft side and that makes him unbelievably appealing.  In a relatively short story Ms. Alan successfully tells a charming tale that still has all the elements that are so important in any tale and she does it with such style that it’s a delight to read.


If you haven’t read the other books in the STEEL CITY VAMPIRES series yet then I’d highly suggest you do so.  They’re all great stories told by wonderful authors.  Here are all the titles in order:


WELCOME HOME by L. Shannon and Moira Reid – released June 2008

VAMPIRE ORACLE: LOVE by L. Shannon – released August 2008

VAMPIRE ORACLE: SUNLIGHT by Moira Reid – released September 2008

ONE WILD NIGHT by Summer Alan – released October 2008

BOUND AND DETERMINED by L. Shannon – no release date yet

DANGEROUS COMPANY by L. Shannon – no release date yet


BLITZED by L. Shannon & Moira Reid – no release date yet


October Top 10 Best Sellers

  1. In a Wolf’s Eyes by Cassandra Gold
  2. Vampire Oracle: Circle Of Life by Deanna Lee
  3. Til Death Do We Part by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton
  4. One Wild Night by Summer Alan
  5. Once Bitten by Cyan Bell
  6. Captured Moon by Loribelle Hunt
  7. The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown
  8. A Chance Encounter by Leila Brown
  9. Vampire Oracle: Awaken by Eliza Gayle
  10. Bad Boy in Brooks Brothers by Nadia Aidan

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