Aspiring actress Storm Wrenn needs the money from this commercial or she’ll be evicted. They are casting a man for the part—well, can she act or can’t she? She’ll go to the audition as a man.
Storm Wren flipped through the trade news once more. “Hector, there’s got to be something.” Her tabby knocked the stack of unpaid bills off the kitchen table. “I’ve gotta find a commercial or something or we’ll be living in that dumpster out back.”To read more or buy

Flipping the page, she took a bite of her dry toast and chased it with a sip of black coffee—no cream, no sugar. The slender figure was the only thing getting her any work nowadays, and she didn’t intend to lose her one ace in the hole.

Everything lately had been for women younger or older, even children had more options than a woman her age. A thirty year old actress, no matter how young she looked was not in demand this summer. Casting directors took one look at her age and immediately shoved her headshot aside. They wanted twenty-somethings who looked even younger.

She’d done a B-grade horror movie over a year ago, but that money ran out a lot sooner than she’d hoped. If she didn’t find something before her landlord found her today, she’d be out on her ass by noon.

Hector walked across the magazine and licked up the crumbs she’d dropped. She picked up the cat and rested it on her lap then saw the small listing wet from the cat’s tongue.

“What’s this? Five thousand dollars cash?” A local ad agency was casting and filming a commercial for a new male enhancement product downtown. They were looking for a 30-something man. Darn it, a man. As if she couldn’t sell the product—but she knew better. If they were calling for a man, they wanted a man. No amount of arguing or trying to prove she could do the job credibly would make the slightest difference. She’d never get in the front door.

She glanced at the clock. “We need that five thousand, Hector. The auditions start in an hour.” She raced out the front door of her apartment and pounded on the door to number 221.

“Storm, what’s going on?” Steve leaned against the doorframe in a lavender silk nightgown and bare feet. Long blonde tendrils framed his face and spilled over his bare shoulders. “You look a little crazy.”

“I just might be…is Mark home? I need to borrow something of his.”

“Come on in.” He opened the door wider and gestured with his perfectly manicured nails into the immaculate apartment. “He’s still in bed.”

“I hate to wake him, but this is sort of an emergency.”

“Oh, he’s not asleep.” Steve smiled broadly. “He’s just worn out.”

“That wig looks better on you than it does on me.” She followed him into the bedroom.

He ran his long, slender fingers through it then opened the door to their bedroom. “We’ve got company.”

Mark sat up in the enormous bed. “Well, good morning, Storm. What brings you here so early in the morning?”

She smiled at the two men. If anyone could help her, they could. “I’ve got thirty minutes. Can you turn me into a man?”


Logan handed Judd the script. “We don’t find him today, we’re screwed.”

“We’ll find him.” Judd flipped through the pages then rolled them into a tube and slapped them against his hand. “Today’s the day. We’ll get our spokesperson, make the commercial and sell some stiff dick pills.”

“You gotta stop calling them that.” Logan put his cell phone to his ear. “Harry, let ‘em in.”
The door opened, and Judd watched the long line of actors file into the front of the auditorium. He leaned back in his balcony seat. “First impression?”

“Only men in suits use male enhancement drugs.”

“Yeah.” He twisted the rolled papers in his hand. “Why didn’t we say ‘no suits’ in the last ad? Damn, they look like a bunch of stockbrokers instead of guys trying to get laid.”

“The commercial won’t be everybody. And we said five thousand dollars.”

“This bunch will spend it on suits. Shit.” He rubbed his eyes. How had they let themselves get in this position? Casting and filming in one day was sheer idiocy. He was trying hard to be confident that this fourth cattle call would bring in the right guy, the right look, but if they didn’t—

“Hey, wait a second.” Logan nudged him with his elbow. “Check him.”

Slightly shorter than the other men, wearing jeans, loafers, and a loose-hanging dress shirt buttoned to the neck, the guy he’d visualized for weeks walked in. “Yeah.”

“Yeah good?”

“Yeah, more like it.”

“The glasses work.” Logan leaned forward in his seat. “Hadn’t really pictured glasses. I’ll have to change the lighting a little.”

“Let’s get started.” He unrolled the script. That guy had the look, but could he read? “Get Harry to put them all in glasses. And tell him to lose the damn coats and ties. I don’t want just one choice.”

“Want to start with him?”

“No. A couple of the others first.” Keep hope alive for a few minutes longer.

Logan called Harry again from the balcony. “Let’s get started. Save the short guy in the white oxford and jeans for a bit. Yeah. No, save him. I know. Just do it, Harry.” Logan snapped the phone closed. “Harry thinks he’s the guy, too.”

“God, let him speak English,” Judd muttered.

Logan Mackenzie and Judd Taylor cast Storm for the part, film the commercial and pay her. But something is wrong. When they discover their male star is a woman, they decide to give her a taste of what real men are like.



Storm Wren is an out-of-work actress with a stack of bills piling up. She needs to find a job and quick. After reading an advertisement for a commercial that requires a man for the job, she decides to enlist the help of her gay neighbors to transform her into “Shane” and apply for it. Storm does such a great job that the two men in charge, Logan Mackenzie and Judd Taylor, are immensely pleased with the result. However, they are also a little too pleased with Shane’s appearance. Logan and Judd both begin to get intrigued at their feelings for Shane and also a little worried.

This book is a fantastic story. Two best friends who have known each other forever now find themselves attracted to another guy of all things. The concept is wonderful and fresh. The unveiling could have been written so many ways but Ms. Alan makes it fun and fulfilling. I loved the byplay between the friends as well as how Storm handles the situation. The writing is superb and the hot love scenes are spot on. When you read this story, be forewarned that you will be seeking a cold shower to counteract the hotness factor that runs throughout the book. Well done, Ms. Alan. Consider me sold as a future faithful reader of your books.

Rating: You Need To Read, Reviewed by: Laura,

Storm is an out-of-work actress who is facing a mountain of unpaid bills and past due rent. If she doesn’t find work soon, she’s going to be in crisis mode, but nobody wants to hire a thirty-year-old actress. She’s officially over the hill when it comes to her profession, it seems. In a fit of desperation, Storm attends a casting call looking for a thirty-something actor for a commercial. She’s willing to dress in drag and hoodwink the producers if it means being able to pay her rent. Much to her surprise, Storm lands the gig.

Judd and Logan are impressed with the young man they hire for their commercial. When they find out by accident that he’s actually a woman, they are at first angry at being deceived. Then they’re relieved, because both Logan and Judd were strongly attracted to her when she was dressed like a man, and neither one of them is gay. Now that they know she is most definitely female, they are each determined to pursue her and get her in their bed. Judd and Logan may be the best of friends, but they are determined to make her choose between them. Much to their surprise, Storm doesn’t want to make a choice – she wants them both. At the same time.

Storm Saturday Night by Summer Alan is a sexual romp that involves one determined actress, two slightly confused producers, and the use of pharmaceuticals for recreational purposes. It has a cute premise: a woman dresses as a man, confusing two heterosexual men who find themselves attracted to her and who subsequently decide to turn the tables on her. I thought it would be lighthearted and fun; unfortunately, the story did not quite live up to my expectations. Instead of enjoying the read, I found myself wanting to get to the end of the story as soon as possible. I’m not entirely convinced that this is the author’s fault, however. My dissatisfaction with this story is probably more due to my looking for a romance in what is actually a sexual farce than anything else.

The characters in this story are well-developed and on the whole pretty sympathetic, especially Judd and Logan. These two men have an easy camaraderie and a quirky humor that is very appealing. Their almost predatory plan to corner Storm and get her naked seems to run against their nature, but they are so appealing and funny as they go about it that they redeem themselves. The character Storm starts out quite likeable, and I had to admire her determination to land a job. It’s also admirable that Storm doesn’t want to do anything to mess up the men’s friendship, but I get the feeling that she’s trying to excuse her behavior more than anything else.

In spite of my reservations about this story, Storm Saturday Night is on the whole well-written and humorous. Readers looking for a quick, sexy read instead of a romance may very well enjoy it.

Reviewed by: Whitney
Fallen Angel Reviews,


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